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Financial Consultation


Who We Are

Right Way Bookkeeping & Notary, LLC prides itself on offering the best in full-service bookkeeping, tax preparation, accountancy, and business formation. We are founded on the principle of helping entrepreneurs rise through financial fortitude. Not only do we ensure the accuracy of our work, but we also take the time to educate our clients on their financials. We believe it is imperative for every business to understand its numbers and how it affects its bottom line. This allows them to pivot when necessary to ensure their ultimate success. We also employ our notary skills for both our clients and agencies needing notary services both in-person and online.

About: Who We Are
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We Value People

Serving people is at the core of our structure. We believe that people are the real capital, and their businesses are simply a compliment to their importance. RWB is in the business of building relationships.

We Value Communication

Effective Communication is how we best serve the people we value and in turn gain insight and build a trustworthy rapport.

We Value Accuracy

Ensuring accuracy of your records is of utmost importance. We understand that accuracy aids in the efficacy of not only good reporting, but also securing investment capital, grants, and funding.

We Value Time

Timely service is important to us because it is vital for you to meet all of your deadlines with filings and deliverables such as W-2’s, 1099s, and payroll.

We Value Commitment

We are committed to giving you the best in not only our core values, but in everything that we do to better serve you and your business.

About: Mission
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